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Faculty Details

Aided & Full time Teaching Staff List
Sl.No. Name of Teacher Designation & Subject
1. Sri S.H. Kulkarni Principal
2. Sri B.G. Joshi Lecturer in Sociology
3. Smt Jayashree Chandriki Lecturer in Physiccs
4. Sri Gulam Nabi Lecturer in Biology
5. Dr. Bhimanna Y. Aldarti Lecturer in Chemistry
6. Dr. Dinkar K Patwari Lecturer in Maths
7. Dr. B.R. Kulkarni Lecturer in English
8. Dr. HariKumari Chawada Lecturer in Biology
9. Sri V.S. Bhadri Lecturer in English
10. Sri M.M Kamble Lecturer in Hindi
11. Sri K jeevanrao Lecturer in Economics
12. Sri Shashikant S. Jeevangi Lecturer in Maths
13. Sri S.N. Jadhav Lecturer in History
14. Sri Madhav G. Joshi Lecturer in Physics Inst.
15. Sri Malleshwaram M Lecturer in Elcetronics
16. Smt Ranjana Y Lecturer in Kannada
17. Dr. Basawaraj Angadi Lecturer in Chemistry
18. Sri SatishKumar Umadi Lecturer in Physics
19. Sri Giridhar V.K Lecturer in English
20. Sri Dileepkumar Nagavi Lecturer in Biology

Unaided & Part Time Teaching Staff List
Sl.No. Name of Teacher Designation & Subject
1. Sri Shamsundar G.S Lecturer in Chemistry
2. Smt Veena S. Kulkarni Lecturer in Chemistry
3. Smt Savitri Durgappa Lecturer in Physics
4. Sri Sripad S. Joshi Lecturer in Physics
5. Kum. Aditi B. Joshi Lecturer in Physics
6. Smt Bharati Hiremath Lecturer in Physics
7. Smt Anjanadevi S. Kulkarni Lecturer in Biology
8. Smt Jamuna G. Japatti Lecturer in Kannada
9. Smt Subhadra R.B Lecturer in Kannada
10. Sri Naganath S. Bhende Lecturer in Hindi
11. Dr. Vishnu S. Gundagurki Lecturer in Sanakrit
12. Smt Zeba Kulsoom Lecturer in English
13. Smt Roopadevi S.Kulkarni Lecturer in Maths
14. Sri Praveen Badri Lecturer in Maths
15. Sri Nachiket Valsangkar Lecturer in Commerce
16. Sri Bharatesh Belgundi Lecturer in Pol.Science

Non-Teaching Staff List
Sl.No. Name of Teacher Designation & Subject
21. Sri R.S. Biradar Librarian
22. Sri Gurayyaswami F.D.A
23. Sri A.G. Jahagirdar S.D.A
24. Sri S.D. Adasre S.D.A
25. Sri Mallikarjun Kattimani S.D.A
26. Sri Bhimappa N C.C.T
27. Sri Srinivas S Katti Attender
28. Sri Sharanappa Reddy Attender
29. Sri Bandu T.N Attender
30. Sri Chandrakant Watchman
31. Sri Bhimbhat Benki Peon
32. Sri Ramalingappa Peon

Unaided & Part Time Non-Teaching Staff List
Sl.No. Name of Teacher Designation & Subject
1. Sri Ashok N.Kattimani S.D.A
2. Sri Amaranath S.Kattimani Attender, Chem. Lab.
3. Sri Murlidhar Joshi Attender, Elect. Lab.
4. Sri Appanna Kulkarni Attender, Phy. Lab.
5. Sri S.T.Kolharkar Attender, Biology Lab.
6. Smt Jayashree Kulkarni Peon
7. Sri Hanmanth Peon
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