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Staff list of our institution
Teaching Staff list
Sl.No.NameDesignationJoining DateContact No.
1.Mrs. Archana R.AHead Mistress01.06.20009900487532
2.Mrs. Chandrika B.KAssitant Teacher15.06.19999945856645
3.Mrs. Aruna L.NAssitant Teacher01.06.20009945834824
4.Mrs. Sheela P.DAssitant Teacher10.09.2001236751
5.Mrs. Seemavati BhattAssitant Teacher01.08.20029342357658
6.Mrs. Antubai S.GAssitant Teacher20.12.2004241341
7.Mrs. Sunita H.BAssitant Teacher10.07.20069242440387
8.Sri Santoshkumar KPhysical Teacher06.07.20049448595290
9.Mrs. Seeta R.KAssitant Teacher01.11.2004254772
10.Mrs. G.K. RatnaAssitant Teacher20.06.20069449288824
11.Mrs. Vanaja DeshpandeAssitant Teacher05.07.20079945209057
12.Miss SiddammaAssitant Teacher04.12.20069900393299
13.Miss Sujata S.JAssitant Teacher04.12.20069945925980
14.Miss Prema SwamyAssitant Teacher07.06.20079480175655
15.Miss LalitaAssitant Teacher14.07.2007244776
16.Miss Ashwini MulageAssitant Teacher14.07.20079980026741
17.Mr. Ganesh P.DAssitant Teacher18.07.20079241034104

Non - Teaching Staff list
Sl.No.NameDesignationJoining DateContact No.
1.Mrs. Anjali KulkarniClerk03.06.20079448829884
2.Mrs. LatabaiAaya01.02.1999-
3.Mrs. ShantabaiAaya02.08.1999-
4.Mr. SanagamnathAttender05.01.2000-
5.Mr. BassappaWatchman2004-
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