N.V Society

We are one of the oldest society imparting education in this region of north Karnataka, with same zeal as we did decades before.

NV English Medium School

Our Aim to provide right Education in terms of Cultures & modernisation to your children.

NV Polytechnic

First Technical Institution in Hyderabad-Karnataka Region.

NV Degree College

Awared one of the best college in Gulbarga City and 2 times recognized with "A" grade by NAAC Committee.

ACT-NV International School

Introducing ACT-NV International school aiming quality education with modern amenities,that makes best of the carers.



1907, the year of inception of N.V. Society, was the year of fusion and confusion in respect of Politico-social values in the field of education. People began to have introspection on education. When the educated society began to stare with their eyes being slowly opened from the long stupor, so many lapses came to the lime light.

Of these multi-lapses, (foreign) English medium of education was the prime one. English language was not only used in teaching Maths, History, Geography ,and allied Science subjects but also in the teaching of language like Persian , Sanskrit etc, on the pretext of making learning simple and digestible. This had the negative effect on the students. In terms of wastage of time and knowledge, we did not realize our systematic lagging behind.

In the Knowledge market, the ever decrease in the value of our currency caused depression in the minds of our educated lot who, in the opinion of late Prof. Gole, was not able to face the challenges either physically or mentally. Seeing the high mortality rate of the educated, a debate was on, on 'why our graduates are dying young'

The education devoid of morality and religion and the doubtful policies of education gave way to atheism and dogmatism.

People began to feel that their dedication alone would bring a sea change in the education system. They began to move this idea enthusiastically like the children moving wooden cart with a found of hope of early walking and running. Result of this historic move resulted in the start of many private educational institutions.

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ACT-NV International School

English Medium school in association with Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT)

N. V. Arts, Sri Kanhyalal Malu Science and
Dr. Pandurangrao Patki College of Commerce

Degree College

N. V. Society’s Polytechnic

First Technical Institution in Hyderabad-Karnataka region.

N. V. Boys High School

Kannada, Marathi and English Medium School

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Mahatma Gandhi

Social Reformer

Masti Venkatesa Iyengar


Padmashree D. R. Bendre


Smt. Sudha N. Murthy


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